The City Centre Beat also has a Steering Group of representatives of members of the Business Community, Police and Bradford Council. This group advises on the overall aims and objectives of the Partnership and represents the views of the wider community. The steering group acts as a sounding board for the wider community.

"Having worked very closely with City Centre Beat team for a number of years, I can say that they are a vital part of the successful fight against crime and disorder in Bradford. City Centre Beat play a critical role in the prevention and detection of crime, also in the longer term goals including reducing reoffending."
Inspector Kevin PicklesWest Yorkshire Police
"City Centre Beat since its inception, has helped Businesses large and small reduce crime. CCB keeps members informed and updated on criminals active in the area with regular briefings and the daily use of the CCB Radios. I would certainly encourage any business to join the Crime Partnership."
Bill McCormackOperations Manager - Kirkgate Shopping Centre
"Bradford Council CCTV plays a vital role in Bradford City Centres fight against Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in and around the City of Bradford. The Partnership with West Yorkshire Police and City Centre Beat ensure that our Businesses, Visitors and Residents can enjoy the City in a safer and more pleasant environment."
Phil HolmesBradford CCTV
"Being an area loss control manager I am not always working in the Bradford area. Being a member of City Centre Beat is greatly beneficial to all our stores, as all members are committed to reducing crime. It is a great crime partnership and I have already had successful results from the information provided by City Centre Beat and other members."
Stuart DavieJD Sports - Zonal Loss Control Manager
"I am proud to be associated with the most successful Business Crime Partnership in the country. City Centre Beat makes a real difference to its members in the running of their businesses – from staff safety to loss prevention CCBeat is making positive impacts for Bradford Businesses."
Catherine RileyCentre Manager - Kirkgate Centre - Chair City Centre Beat